Friday, May 22, 2009

Endings and Beginnings

No sooner had Shawn Johnson been lifted up on the shoulders of another contestant (while, of course, holding that silly disco-ball trophy high above her head) than host Tom Bergeron was inviting viewers to tune in again in the fall for (yet) another season of “Dancing with the Stars” with a whole new slate of contestants.

Kris Allen will barely get a chance to catch his breath after his (“SHOCKING UPSET”) win in the “American Idol” finale before he’s off on a 50-city tour… with the nine singers who lost to him.

Graduation ceremonies are called Commencement exercises because it’s not just the end their collegiate careers, it’s the beginning of the next big thing in the lives of the newest members of the alumni association.

My minister father would be given a different church to serve, on average, every five years while I was growing up. The last Sunday at the church he was leaving and the first Sunday at the new one were the only times he could use the same sermon two weeks in a row. It (They?) had the theme of “Endings and Beginnings” and my mother, my brothers, and I were the only ones who had to listen to it twice. Actually, it would be much more than twice, because, on average, he would preach on that same theme in successive weeks every five years. (I always wondered if my dad was that clever or if that was a tip every seminarian gets and, therefore, each time he would preach that sermon at his new church, the congregants were hearing his take on the same topic the previous pastor used for his or her last sermon the week before.)

But I digress…

This is all to say that at the same time we are wrapping up the end of Phase I of the Master Plan, Phase II is about to commence. This will be the phase where the learnings of Phase 1 are used to form the basis for alternative plan option development.

So, as they say, in all those commercials, “Wait, there’s still more!!”

(I think I watch way too much TV.)

Until next Friday…

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