Friday, August 14, 2009

Pick of the Litter

Phase II Town Hall Meetings

East Side – Wednesday, September 9, 1:30 – 3:30 PM
Student Services Building, Conference Rooms B & C

West Side – Thursday, September 10, 10 AM – Noon
Molecular Biology Research Building Auditorium

I am one of four sons who were born over the span of three decades – the ‘40’s, ‘50’s and (just barely) ‘60’s. I hope my wife would agree with me that I am the “pick of the litter”. For my brothers’ sakes, I also hope she would have three other wives who would respectfully beg to disagree.

Search “pick of the litter” on the Internet and you get a wide spectrum of results. The first page on a “bing” search (Google is sooo 2008) gave me everything from the fifth album of the Scottish rock group Wolfstone to an animal welfare organization in Longview, Texas to a doggie obedience training school in South King County to a mobile, door-to-door pet care provider (“we specialize in providing beneficial exercise, socialization, and stimulating playtime for your canine” – those lucky dogs).

Perhaps the most on-the-nose use of the phrase goes to Pick of the Litter, a company offering “high quality…dog waste removal services.”

UIC has adopted “World Class Education. World Class City” as a tag-line for itself. The Campus Master Planning process is attempting to ensure that the campus itself is also world class.

However, no matter what is done to the landscape or to the buildings through the Master Plan, this will never be the campus environment it could be and that we all hope it will be if we don’t each do our part in keeping it clean and tidy. We need to take some individual responsibility to pick up the litter that blows around this Windy City university.

There are 890 (!) of those round, concrete trash bins around the grounds. (I must pass at least ten of them on my two-block walk to the L station.) There are even more of us – roughly 25,000 students and 12,000 faculty and staff. If we each picked up just one (but go for more if you want) page of a newspaper or runaway napkin or discarded Styrofoam cup or whatever each day as we traverse OUR walkways and parking lots, we could keep those trash barrels full and the campus litter-free.

I am also reminded that if the litter you pick up is a can or a bottle, the recycling bins inside all our buildings would be an even better temporary resting place than the trash bins.

So, be the Pick of the Litter and we will all enjoy the campus more today as well the future.
As with all these blogs, these are the musings of the author. Please feel free to comment whether you agree with the above or have a different thought on the subject.

Until next Friday…

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  1. I'm all for picking up the litter.

    Of course it's even better if people just threw their trash in the right bin in the first place. After all, there are 890 bins!



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